Current projects:
  • Own and operate 2 TV services for SBS in Western Australia.
  • Proof of Performance testing, maintenance and fault repair for a major broadcaster in WA.
A brief summary of some of our projects include:
  • Papua New Guinea - Installation of 3 x 10kW AM Broadcast transmitters and ancilliary equipment for AUSAID.
  • East Timor - A preferred UN contractor for supply and specialised fault repair of Television, FM and associated equipment.
  • Republic of Maldives - Assist in replacement of two directional AM masts, install mast lighting equipment and aerial phasing measuring equipment.
  • Subcontracting to service organisations in Tasmania, NSW and VIC installing TV and FM transmitters for Broadcast Australia.
  • Consultation during the planning phase and subsequent installation of earth mat, antenna coupling unit and low power transmitter for a narrowcast AM transmitter.
  • Replacement of 3" coaxial feeder with 3 1/8" at Mt Latham as part of SBS analogue extension project.
  • Installation of 7 SBS analogue TV transmitters (100w - 10kW) including satellite programme feeds and ongoing maintenance in WA.
  • Installation and commissioning of 6 SBS analogue TV transmitters around Australia for Broadcast Australia.
  • Removal of a redundant Band III 10kW Television transmitter, antenna and 3 1/8" feeder cable in Central Agricultural area of WA.
  • Provide consultation of any facet of Broadcast including upgrades, tendering and provision of technical specifications.
  • Provide detailed field intensity propagation surveys for TV as well as AM and FM radio signals.
  • Undertake commission testing of new installations and provide results and recommendations as required.
  • Install replacement TV transmitters for TV Black Spot Program and provide ongoing maintenance.
  • Installation and upgrades of services for remote mining communities.
Watsons Technical Services (WTS) is based in Perth, Western Australia. The company comprises of two directors: Fraser Watson and Len Anderson. Both have vast experience in the broad cast industry. ›› Recent Projects

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